The Cross4Health team is looking for external service providers to support selected SMEs within its 1st Acceleration Programme. As part of the programme, awarded SMEs will receive a voucher of up to 15,000€ to contract an external service to help boost their innovation.

If you are a service provider, this is your opportunity to join Cross4Health and enhance the success of SMEs working on unlocking the potential of the aerospace and energy sectors for innovative solutions in Healthcare!


There is a set number of services that the external service providers may offer within the Cross4Health project. The following list defines the only services that will be considered.

You must have experience and expertise providing at least one of the services listed below:

1. IPR Consultancy on Innovation protection and patenting

2. Regulatory assistance for transferring an Aerospace/Energy/ICT technology or know- how into the Health sector

3. Coaching by experienced SME owners and qualified coachers

4. Technology transfer from Universities and Research centres

5. Ethical and Legal Data Protection support and monitoring

6. Access to demonstration/living labs/end-user facilities like hospitals, care centres, etc.
  • Clinical trials

  • Clinical trial design

  • Pre-clinical study

  • Technical product testing

  • Living lab/testbed services


The Cross4Health consortium will validate all requests to be an external service provider before the details of these can be sent to the SMEs.

Therefore, in order to collaborate with Cross4Health as an external service provider, it is necessary that you comply to the set requirements below, regarding your entity and experience. When validating the service providers, the following will be checked:

a. Existence of the provider and technical capability to carry out the service.

b. Qualifications of the provider

c. Related previous experience


If you are a service provider interested in collaborating with Cross4Health and with the relevant experience, simply fill in the following expression of interest:


Once you complete the expression of interest above:

1. Your application will be received by one consortium partner for review and you will be contacted by it.

2. If your qualifications and relevant experience are approved you will be asked to provide a full description of the services that you can deliver within Cross4Health.

3. Once they get validated you will become part of the vouchers catalogue of services covered by Cross4Health, which can be accessed by the awarded SMEs from our 1st Open Call.

Express your interest now to be in touch and make sure you do not miss the opportunity to be a Cross4Health External Service Provider!