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The 2nd Open Call results will be published in mid-April!





Cross4Health delivering innovations from aerospace and energy for tomorrow' healthcare

The 2nd Open Call is now closed, see the statistics of the call.

C4H Statistics 2nd Open Call

Apply to the 2nd Crosss4Health Open Call!

C4H is seeking cross sectoral Project proposals addressing one of the C4H identified Challenges.


Team up! Together we can tackle health challenges

Creative Industries


ICT for Health
Medical Devices

Bring your cutting-edge technology to the healthcare sector

Integrate another sectors know-how to health solutions

What do we understand by Creative Industries?

Learn more about Creative Industries

Who can apply?

Cross-sectoral Teams led by and SME and composed by:

- Teams composed of minimum of 2 legal entities led and by an SME

- Based in 2 different EU member states or H2020 associated country

- Teams members must come from aerospace, energy and creative industries sectors

*See more specifications about the Challenges and its scope in the Guide for Applicants.

How to apply?

Starting now

1. Get Registered

Complete your registration online to access the private website. Create a user profile for your SME and a project profile if you want to find partners.

Starting now

2. Team Up

Network, attend our Team Building Events or use our matchmaking tool

Register here
From 15th November 2018 to 15th February 2019

3. Submit your Proposal

Submit your Proposal through the C4H private website before may 15th February 2019 at 17:00 CET. Do not forget to provide all the necessary documents.

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Mid-March 2019

4. Wait for the results

Once your proposal is submitted and validated a confirmation email will be sent to acknowledge the application acceptance.

Application consists of

A 10 pages application form (maximum)
A 10 pages Pitch Deck
A 2 minute video presenting your idea and the team behind
Declaration of honor and of an internal Consortium Agreement existence

CROSS4HEALTH Open Call Challenges

The second CROSS4HEALTH Open Call seeks proposals to address at least one of the following proposed challenges:

Early detection and diagnoses

Remote monitoring and self-testing solutions to provide reliable save and accurate diagnostic measurements which benefits improve ability to detect and treat sickness at an earlier stage.

Remote patient support

Smarter individualized tools to encourage treatment adherence and consistency increasing health care efficiency for the individual patient and for the health care system.

Patient management process

Logistic support solutions and diagnosis/decision support systems to improve planning and patient flow for better use of proper allocation of resources.



In order to maximise the utility of innovations from Aerospace, Energy or Creative Industries for use in personalised care, these will need to be adapted through collaboration with partners in the Biotech, ICT or Medical Devices sectors.

Business model

Your business model should show how you plan to scale-up your solution to ensure market readiness in your key market(s) and the maturity and the management capacity of the team to achieve this.

*For more information check the Eligibility Criteria in the Guide for Applicants

Why should you apply?

Compete to get involved in the 2nd C4H Acceleration Programme.

Up to 40 SMEs will obtain support worth up to €55,000 each


Up to 25,000€ in direct cash funding per SME

Up to 30,000€ in Innovation Services

The Acceleration Programme is a 9 months non-residential period. A Fast lane acceleration programme is available (see Guide for Applicants).


Evaluation Process

The Open Call evaluation process is structured as follows:

1. Eligibility Check

A first review will be performed by an Evaluation Committee, composed by Consortium Partners, whom will check the documents submitted, the compliance of call requirements in terms of scope, and teams’ composition, etc.

2. External Experts Evaluation

Each proposal will be remotely evaluated by two external evaluators in a cross-national system, consisting of two non-local reviewers and based on given Evaluation criteria that can be checked on the Guide of Applicants.

3. Cross4Health Evaluation Committee

Oversight and validate the evaluation process, and will check there is no conflict of interest, fraud, double funding, or any partner exceeding the 60.000€ threshold.

*For more information check the Eligibility Criteria in the Guide for Applicants

Any Doubts?

Download our Frequently Asked Questions document: