Cross4Health Final Event and Pitch Contest

19th and 20th of May 2020

Over the last three years, Cross4Health has supported Innovative SME-led projects that are leveraging technology and know-how from Aerospace, Energy and Creative Technologies sectors for the benefit of personalized Healthcare. In two acceleration programmes, the project has supported 60 SMEs reaching closer to market with their innovative solutions. To mark the end of the second acceleration programme, and closing of the Cross4Health project, we are inviting you to participate in the Final Cross4Health Event – Online!
Over two days, we are presenting results from the project, offering exciting seminars with topics relevant for SMEs on their journey to market and presenting the projects that have participated in the acceleration programme in a Final Pitching Contest – awarding the best project with cash prizes totally worth 20.000 €.




Unlock the collaborative potential of Aerospace and Energy SMEs leveraged on Biotechnology, ICT and Medical Devices sectors for the generation of innovative solutions that enhance patient-centred personalized care.



Cross4Health will select more than 70 innovative project ideas to accelerate and further support monetarily and with innovation services.


The European Commission has granted Cross4Health project with €5 million to promote and support collaborative health innovation solutions generated by Aerospace and Energy SMEs together with Health-related SMEs from sectors such as Biotechnology, ICT and Medical Devices.


Cross4Health will organize 3 main events focused on the interdisciplinary collaboration between "Aerospace Health" and "Energy-Health" promoting the creation of equipment and technological exhibition, among SMEs, sectors such as ICT, BIO and medical devices.


Cross4Health will organize 2 open calls for teams led by an SME that includes at least one member of the aerospace or energy sectors and another related to health. Members of the Cross4Health Consortium and external third parties will provide monetary support of up to € 30,000 for each SME awarded to one of the selected projects. The number of projects will depend on the number of team members per, which can be from 2 to 5.


Cross4Health will also organize 2 Hackathons, that will consist of a competition of 1 or 2 days where skilled cross-cultural teams will address a challenge with the objective of delivering a Software or Hardware solution. At each Hackathon, there will be 3 cash prizes.


The SMEs-UnivStudent competitions are expected to deliver a large impact in human capital building, create ties for future transfer of highly prepared and motivated students to deliver innovations in SMEs and provide students with additional cross-sectoral capabilities of extreme value in their very early professional career.